To be a direct to consumer global leader in high-end of the value chain bio-pharmaceutical and biologicals marketing

Add value to the society , the customer and every stake holder in the organization.

Continue to re-invent and innovate the eco-systems that enable value additions to the society and the customer, help them re-discover roles.

To lead and represent values that are worthy of emulation.

To be the best which may necessarily not be the largest or the biggest.

To be an entity everyone wants.

To create and use humane technologies as the core enabler for all the changes.



A million direct to company customers in 5 years.

A global foot-print of 50 countries in 5 years.


Value statement

A culture of openness , simplicity , honesty and integrity. Respect and learning at the centre of every human connection. Pride and courage that keeps us treading the un-trodden. Joy in scaling peaks of human endeavour, creating humane technologies and the passion we possess in scripting positives in everything we do and succeed .