Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution




University of Wisconsin (UW) solution was developed in the late 1980s for cold storage of the Pancreas, liver and kidney. Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is an improved UW solution used for the flushing and cold Storage of organs like kidney, liver and pancreas. Belzer UW CSS is a Gold standard and FDA approved product for storage of Liver, Kidney and Pancreas.


Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is a sterile non-pyrogenic solution used for the flushing and Cold storage of organs like kidney, liver and pancreas at the time of the removal from donor in Preparation for storage, transportation and eventual transplantation into a recipient.

Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is a clear to light yellow, sterile, non-pyrogenic solution with an approximate calculated osmolarity of 320 mOsm, a sodium concentration of 29 mEq/l, a potassium
concentration of 125 mEq/l and a pH of 7.4 at 20°C.

Clinical uses

After pre Cooling the solution to approximately 2-6°C in ice, the cold solution is used to flush the isolated organ immediately before removal from the donor and/ or immediately after removal from the donor. The solution is then left in the organ vasculature during hypothermic storage and transportation. Belzer UW®CSS is used to be used for cold storage of organ and not for continuous machine perfusion. Administration of Belzer UW®CSS, at the recommended temperature, will effectively cool the organ and lower its metabolic requirements.


Cell Impermeant agents that prevent the cell swelling (lacto bionic acid, raffinose, hydroxyethylstarch (HES) Agents that stimulate recovery of normal metabolism upon reperfusion

  • Glutathione ( augments the antioxidant capacity of the organs )
  • Adenosine (stimulates high-energy phosphate generation)

Allopurinol – inhibits Xanthine Oxidase activity and purine metabolism/reduction of O2 free radicals.


  • Lesser volume required when compared to HTK and Euro Collins solution.
  • Enables at room temperature. (2-25°c)
  • Safe for long term organ preservation.
  • Requires no filtration prior to use.
  • PH doesn’t change with the change in temperature.
  • Quality of organs preserved continuous to be excellent
  • Protects better against edema.
  • Maximum perfusion and highest protection.


There are no known contraindications when used as directed.



How supplied

1,000 mL in one-liter bags
500 mL in half- liter bags


Store Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution at temperatures between 2°-25°C (36°-77°F). This “no refrigeration” temperature range minimizes concerns with power outages that can exist with ViaSpan® solutions, which require continual refrigeration.